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Abandoned Mill: Albuquerque Valley


I’m so excited for the balloon fiesta!


The Valley


Ghost town, Newkirk, New Mexico.


Disposable Euphoria Edits


Grave of Kit Carson and wife in Taos, New Mexico

I’m damn sure my girlfriend is the best thing to happen in my life.


Death Valley named largest dark sky park
The park is far enough away from light-polluted cities that its views of the night sky offer a glimpse of what could be seen before such cities were erected.


Once one of the biggest sources of wonder, one half of the entire planet’s natural environment, the star-filled nights are vanishing in a yellow haze. Not only has it fogged our view of the stars, it also has been linked to human health problems, environmental disruptions (e.g. the death of migrating birds) and fundamental questions about the impact of a disappearing night sky on the intellectual and spiritual curiosity of future generations.

"No wonder ancient peoples shared a culture of sky lore, whereas modern peoples, who know nothing of the night sky, instead share a culture of evening TV."  — Neil deGrasse Tyson

These images above by Todd Carlson and Jeremy Stanley really show what we are missing every single night while living in a city.

Light pollution is a serious problem.

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